Friday, September 14, 2012

What We've Learned

Dear Families, Together in writing we learned that sometimes writers write about what they've learned. Each of us told something that we've learned so far in first grade. Kevin-I learned big words...independent (it means that you do it all by yourself) means being able to do something for a long time without getting tired or giving up Levi-that in reading it is hard...because there are lots of words I don't know Tierra-writers write about what they do Raviel-I learned math...staircases Jaylexi-I learned math was easy because numbers are easy Noah-reading...I found words I know Lindsey-I learned that you have to be quiet when the teacher is talking Ethan-no hitting and no kicking in school Rachel-I met a lot of new friends Stephen-if you look at the pictures in a book it is kind of easy to read Gavin- Say nice words Frankie-I learned a new word...Bridget Brianna-I learned no shouting in the cafeteria Jacob-raise your hand when you want to talk Ava-Don't say mean words Lauren- don't shout out loud Evan-a divider helps me to be calmer and so I can do my work Eliana-don't tattletale Ryan-I'm learning to write sounds I hear

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